Sketchfab Beverage Can Challenge 2018

Karsten sperling clean front
Karsten sperling bubbles back
Karsten sperling bubbles side
Karsten sperling clean front condense
Karsten sperling bubbles front
Karsten sperling clean front condense close
Karsten sperling bubbles side2
Karsten sperling bubbles top

JetFuel Energy Drink (crazy bubble version)

JetFuel Energy Drink (clean version)

This was my entry for the contest

What is the overall “theme”?

I was looking for some new parts for a BMX bike I was building, when I´ve found an exiting blend of color, called “JetFuel” (sometimes also called “oil-slick”). Basically it is the result of a special heat-treatment to metal. The can´s basic material/color is exactly that blend. And of course “JetFuel” sounds like a great name for an energy drink, as well!

You will find many details (waterdrops´n´drips, fingerprints, small imperfections, etc.) when you play with camera angle and lighting.

And be sure to read the nutrition information - took me a lot time to write this ;P
Oh - and there is a little easter-egg as well (but it´s hinted on the can)

Credits for the model goes to:DarkMinaz
Based on “Can” by DarkMinaz, licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.