Sketchfab Beverage Can Challenge 2018

JetFuel Energy Drink (crazy bubble version)

JetFuel Energy Drink (clean version)

This was my entry for the contest

What is the overall “theme”?

I was looking for some new parts for a BMX bike I was building, when I´ve found an exiting blend of color, called “JetFuel” (sometimes also called “oil-slick”). Basically it is the result of a special heat-treatment to metal. The can´s basic material/color is exactly that blend. And of course “JetFuel” sounds like a great name for an energy drink, as well!

You will find many details (waterdrops´n´drips, fingerprints, small imperfections, etc.) when you play with camera angle and lighting.

And be sure to read the nutrition information - took me a lot time to write this ;P
Oh - and there is a little easter-egg as well (but it´s hinted on the can)

Credits for the model goes to:DarkMinaz
Based on “Can” by DarkMinaz, licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.