Cinematic Canyon Terrain

Karsten sperling screenshot003

Overview - 30k tris, 4k textures

Karsten sperling screenshot004

Top view

Karsten sperling screenshot008

Just AO, unlit shader

Karsten sperling screenshot006

Close up

Karsten sperling screenshot007

Close up

Karsten sperling screenshot000

"Dramatic" shot - Noon

Karsten sperling screenshot001

"Dramatic" shot with GI

Karsten sperling screenshot002

"Dramatic" shot - Sunset

Karsten sperling screenshot000

"Cinematic" shot

For this project, I wanted to create a tight winding canyon for aerial and long distance shots. The canyons layout was drawn by hand, I wanted sharp turns and agressive erosion for this. It is not meant to look like 100% realistic - just wanted to archieve more of a dramatic, cinematic look.

Texturing was done in WM, with some minor tweaks to the colormap and I added some maps for PBR shading.