Cinematic Highland Terrain

Karsten sperling render2

"Cinematic" shot 4K heightmap render

Karsten sperling screenshot001

Realtime shot

Karsten sperling screenshot003

Realtime shot

Karsten sperling iray render

iRay render (1000 samples)

Karsten sperling screenshot014


Karsten sperling screenshot008

Overview 12k Tris, 4K textures

Karsten sperling screenshot009

Aerial view

Karsten sperling screenshot010

Aerial view

Karsten sperling screenshot012

Silhouette view

Karsten sperling screenshot011

Silhouette view

Karsten sperling screenshot013

Silhouette view

Karsten sperling screenshot000

just AO, unlit shader

Heavily inspired by the highlands, I tried to mix cliffs with soft rolling hills and some terraces - all into one patch of terrain. You can find many places, that give you a whole new impression - just by changing angle and direction of your camera. The texturing also adds to its diversity, small and medium rocks are distributed along the flow and deposite, just like they would in nature.

With this complex, procedually generated terrain I wanted to avoid the typical, similar looking erosion you´ll find in many other terrains.
It was created to serve best as a matte painting basis and for long distance / aerial shots or placeing in the background of a scene.

Karsten Sperling