Byllan SLAC - my 1st Stickless Fightstick Pt.2

Making Of / 01 April 2020

To take it even further, I added a few ports and switches...

... more switches and ports also means more wires! 
I used tape to put a few UV-LEDs in place for testing, which was replaced by hot-glue later on (so it looks more official) ;)

Its not easy to catch on photo - but I think you get the picture, haha - now I can find the action buttons in the dark.

I was adding a switch on top as well - the red one is the good old "turbo" switch. Another sticker found its way as well...

This concludes the making of my custom SLAC -  the Byllan-SLAC !
I hope you enjoyed this blog...

See you on the next one - take care!