OMG here they come !!!

General / 27 May 2019

Dear readers, it´s been a while since my last entry. I had a few very busy month (which is a good thing)
and I honed some skills, learned new software and workflows... you may know the drill ;)

Now, this time I´d like to present some "off line" skills - I took the chance, painting some miniatures!
Yes, that´s right - no CG involved. Just some acrylic paint, a mix of different brushes to choose from
and of course: Miniatures. To me, this is kind of a cool hobby and a very relaxing and rewarding one, as well.

As an artist, I really love the level of detail but maybe even more, how they are posed.
The artists have done incredibly well, I think!

It was my first time ever, to hand-paint such small objects - I really hope you enjoy my
small but growing collection. I got some more in the works, already!

But for now, here they are - my first tabletop game-ready painted warriors and wizzards....

Starting off with the Stormcast Eternals warband:

Mostly shiny armour and weponary here - i was going for a clean and uniform look, pretty much like suggesed by the books and illustrations...

...what an impressive small elite-troop !!!

For the bases, I did go with nothing too fancy...

Followed-up by the Nighthaunts: The thorns of the Brian Queen

For the nighthaunts, I tried a technique called "Dry-brushing" - basically I tried to blend the green, gloomy areas with white ones. I liked the metal parts to look rusty and old - I used dark shading color and a "technical paint" called "Typhus corrosion"... for some extra "chain-raspiness" :)

Roses have thorns...


This time, the bases were a little bit more complex and detaiiled.

Speaking of detail(s); what´s a chainrasp without a chain? 

Yeah, so here is a detail-shot of some chains:

And last but not least, I decided to venture into 3D printing - nah - just dip my toes a bit:

This little thingy here, should serve as kind of dangerous portal / board marker, that sucks in the living - for usage with tabletop games. I also palnned a few more, so stay tuned!

3d model - ready for printing

This is how the printed model looks like

And this is how it could look, when painted (CG mockup) 

I hope, you enjoyed this little blog-post and I wish you all the best! Hope to hear from you , soon!
  - Karsten




My 1st photogrammetric 3D scan

General / 12 July 2018

Oh my gosh - this is good fun !

this thing is part of a tree (you guessed it) - and stiched together from 8 images, taken with my iPhone X (in portrait mode!)

the cool thing about this mode: the photoscan software seems to just evaluate the sharp object in the image,m not the blurred borders - this saves a ton of time for masking and calculating! - just wanted you other 'photoscanners' to know...


Oh - this is the original mesh, from dense pointcloud - a whoooping 2 million verts, 3.7m tris, 4k texture from images.



... just starting up my new page :)

General / 30 June 2018

A lot of things are done, but some are still left to do - bringing this blog to life is one of them  :)

I am not that kind of "blogger-type" - but I think I can use this blog for some random things, that are not necessarily related to 3D and CG..

I wish a good day to everybody !