Byllan SLAC - my 1st Stickless Fightstick Pt.1

Making Of / 01 April 2020

from these parts, I started to craft my first controller - a so called hitbox - or "stickless fightstick" - in short SLAC...

Nothing too special here, a good circuitboard, some high quality buttons and some wires.... and well - there is the unusual housing.
This is from the IKEA collection and is normally used to put it on your lap and place your laptop right on it - hahah ;)

I thought, this would make for a cosy and smooth SLAC case - slacking case ^^ - and it comes with a handle as well !!!

I made a mirrored copy of the button layout (which I did in CAD app) to drill out the holes for the buttons - every button fits fine!
Glad I've bought special "Faustner-drills" - they did a precise job on this... oh - and this layout is custom tailored to my (large) hands.
I wanted a larger button for my thumb + in a more relaxing position, then typical standard layouts.

After taking care of the buttons, it was time for a first, rough wiring...  and quick testing - all buttons did work, yeah!
So far so good - but what about a housing for all this buttons and wires? Could not leave them open, of course.
I thought, this would be a good case (haha) to go for a 3D printed - well case (looks more like a bowl, itsn´t it?)
Unfortunately, I did a mistake when designing it in blender... the result were some "elevation lines" as you can see
in the lower left image... but it does its job well ! Big shout out to "Mad Chrissel" for doing the printing on his Prusa MK2.


Now - this is, how it looks, all put together. Very clean and comfy...

It appeared a bit too clean to me, so I decided to put on some decals or stickers, if you like. Now everybody can see, what board I have inside ;)

... so this should be it... but... no ! After a few days of use, I decided to take this even further